Fabio Lo Verso

Founder & Senior Partner

Economics and politics editor, investigative journalist and former parliamentary correspondent in Bern for the daily newspaper Tribune de Genève, in 2011 he founded in Geneva the newspaper La Cité. He is preparing a new version of this journal and the launch of a new edition of Il Quaderno, a quarterly publication in Italian.

Created in 2016, Lo Verso Consulting collaborates with a network of independent journalists & photographs and experts in publishing and design.

Journaliste d’investigation, économique et politique, ex-correspondant parlementaire à Berne pour le quotidien Tribune de Genève, en 2011, il a fondé à Genève le journal La Cité. Il prépare actuellement une nouvelle version de ce titre ainsi qu’un nouveau projet éditorial du magazine Il Quaderno, trimestriel en langue italienne.

Créée en 2016, l’agence Lo Verso Consulting collabore avec un réseau de journalistes et photographes indépendants et des experts en édition et design.

Giornalista d’inchiesta, in economia, finanza e politica, ex corrispondente parlamentare a Berna per il quotidiano Tribune de Genève, dal 2011 pubblica a Ginevra il giornale La Cité, di cui prepara oggi una nuova versione così come per la rivista Il Quaderno, trimestrale in lingua italiana.

Fondata nel 2016, l’agenzia Lo Verso Consulting collabora con una rete di giornalisti e fotografi indipendenti e con esperti in edizione e design.




Journalism must be distinguished from other activities and products by certain identifiable characteristics and practices. These elements not only separate journalism from other forms of communication, they are what make it indispensable to democratic societies.

History reveals that the more democratic a society, the more news and quality information it tends to have. In an era of social media and false news, journalists who have survived the collapse of the press have new challenges to face.

Lo Verso Consulting aims to provide qualified and relevant expertise to understand how journalism can have a future. The idea that the health of our democracy is contingent on the health of journalism inspires our work.


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